Services and Specialists

Asdah is an INTERSECTIONAL SIZE DIVERSITY COMMUNITY  committed to offering support

Joan Price

Preaching pleasure after sixty

JoEllen Notte

mental health advocate writing about the axis between sex and the psyche

Lena Queen LCSW, M. ED. 

Somatic, queer inclusive sex coach

Dr. Erika M. Dawkins

Clinical psychologist and sexologist

Jessica Vondyke CLC

Queer polyamorous  sex and relationship coach


Practical techniques  for discovering erotic pleasure

Goody Howard

Sex ed workshops

Dr. Tanya Bass

Sex Therapist  and Mental Health advocate

Jimanekia Eborn

Sex educator specializing in sexual ASSAULT and trauma counseling 

Spectrum Journal

Product reviews and burning questions, curated in part by featured expert, Dirty Lola


An organization made of and for the disabled community committed to sex education.

Podcast Recommendations
Promoting positive sex ed and relationship advice
marraige and family therapist discusses topics from across the sexual spectrum
Emily Nagoski’s blog and podcast about all your burning questions 

Modern and fact-based sex-ed with one of our cast, Danielle.

Centering Black and brown folks across intersecting identities, on topics related to sexuality, education, and empowerment.

Book Recommendations  
Brotto, master of mindfulness gives tangible advice for how to create connection in your partnerships

Discovering the reasons for body shame and learning to love ourselves anyway 

Carnal Knowledge: Sex Ed
You Didn’t Get In School

by Zoe Ligon & Elizabeth Renstrom

Modern sex tips  in  visual splendor.
Bestselling manual which explores the science of pleasure
practical advice for setting boundaries and having enthusiastic interactions

Girl Sex 101

by allison moon

A helpful guide to ladies and ladylovers of all genders.

Love Is Not a Color: Race
and Representation in Polyamorous Communities

by kevin patterson

confronting racism in polyamorous communities
Hard facts and real science about a phase of life all women go through.
The pill has changed the course of history for women.  but what are  the costs we aren’t talking about?

The owners manual.
Trans ADVOCATE Janet Mock’s seminal coming of age story.

Pleasure Activism: The
Politics of Feeling Good

by Adrienne Marie Brown

Can social justice feel like joy and not work?

It’s wider than the Wage Gap.

Pleasure journaling project.

The new sexual revolution.

Practical advice and tips for menopausal and perimenopausal women. 

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